Smart On Line – School Management System

Online Smart School – Features List


  1. Masters Management
  2. User Management
  3. User Rights Management
  4. Admission Management (student registration)
    1. Quick registration individual based on parameters like name, surname, ID, father’s name, address and many other 45+ total fields
    2. Family Details of parents, occupation, income, assets and other social data.
    3. Health data of Student like their height, weight, mouth, teeth, eyes and record of disease/disorders, record of reacting drugs and any medcal instructions for quick reference

2. Studey Materials Resaurces and Management

  • Sharing of digital learning resources like worksheets, word files, pdf files, ppt files, video links and notes with your students. (Topic – Chapter – Subject – Standard wise)


Customisable: Standard Wise: Make your own installments and fee plans, Detailed Records: Each Collection in any head can be retrieved for editing or reporting; Extremely Flexible; Report & Printing: Auto printed fee receipts; Individual’s account statements; Numerous report of Collection, Cancellation, Refund, Defaulter, Concession, Cheque Details

  1. Events / Calendar /
  2. Holidays Management
  3. Notice Board Management


  1. Attendance Module
  2. What have been taught by Teacher in Class (Daily Course Monitoring)?
  3. Homework Management
  4. Assignment / Worksheets Managment


  1. Examination Management
  2. Exam Pattern
  3. Marks Entry
  4. Results Creation
  5. Marksheets Creations
  6. Grading System


  1. Communication Modules:
  2. NEWS Circulars Management – Institute wise (to students / Parents and Staff)
  3. Announcements / Circulars Class wise Management (to students / Parents and Staff)
  4. Communication to App
  5. Communication through SMS
  6. Communication through Email


  1. Media Gallery Modules:
  2. Event wise Photos Management
  3. Event wise Videos Management

Optional Modules:

  1. ID Cards Management (w/o Smart Card / Barcode and other options)
  2. Employee Management (Admin Staff / Teaching Staff / Non Teaching Staff)
  3. Hostel Management
  4. Canteen Management
  5. Payroll Management


  1. Attendance Register
  2. Homework Register
  3. Assignment Register
  4. Marks Register
  5. Fees Register
  6. Analitical Report of Students
  7. Comprehensive, highly customizable reporing module
  8. User directory (Student details (filter on gender/class/course/caste/…))
  9. Bonafied Certification
  10. Trial Certification


  1. Payment Receipts
  2. Certificates
  3. ID Cards Printing
  4. Marksheets
  5. Admision Reports
  6. Students Address Label
  7. Export Data (Various)

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