Smart Class Management System

SOLA (Smart On Line App) has every feature from Academic Point of View you will ever need to run your institution efficiently with instant communication to parents through Mobile App.

This system is combination of web control panel and SOLA for different type of users, so that they don’t have to go computer for every time for small job.

SOLA provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. The various modules available in SOLA facilitate all the processes of your institution.

Admission Management (student registration)

  • Unique ID and Password for all students / Parents / Teachers / Staff
  • Comprehensive admission form
  • Parents details addition facility
  • Student’s Photo upload facility

Application Dashboard for App

  • Icon driven dashboard
  • SOLA is designed for a great user experience with a user friendly interface, meaning that anyone with basic computer knowledge can quickly use the system with minimum training Easy to learn and easy to master
  • Displays latest Anouncement / Attendance / Totpic Taught by Teacher / Homework is given or not / Marks if given on dashboard of Application

Manage Users – Create roles and delegate responsibilities – User rights Administration

  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • View profile of all users based on the roles
  • View/Edit users password and privileges
  • Set privileges to users as per their roles
  • Allows organisation to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility
  1. Administrator Login
  2. Staff Login
  3. Teacher Login

Admission Student details

  • Normal student view facility based on Division / batches
  • Search existing and former students

Fees Management

  • Comprehensive Fee classification system
  • Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
  • Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
  • Easy fee submission process

Curriculam and Syllabus Management

  • Enter all syllabus standard – Subject – Chapter – Topic wise
  • Teacher can check – in which division, what we have been taught
  • YouTUBE links can be set for each Topic – Chapter – Subject wise

Manage Announcement Class wise / Standard Wise

  • Create/edit/delete Announcement for each Class seperate
  • View all announcement facility also available

Manage News – Institute wise

  • Create/edit/delete news
  • View all news facility also available


  • Create timetable
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Edit/Delete timetable facility available

Examinations and Marks Report

  • Create different types of  Test Schedule
  • Extensive Report center
  • Statistical and Graphical view of all reports
  • Automated, quick and on demand report generation
  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view


  • Very Easy marking of attendance through application, each teacher can take attendance from their application.
  • Different types of attendance report can be taken

What have been taught by Teacher in Class

  • Very Easy marking of “What have been taught” through application, each teacher can take enter data from their application.


  • Teacher can give homework
  • Also teacher can check homework

Assignments / Worksheets

  • Teacher can Upload and download assignments / worksheets for the students
  • Teacher also can check mark that, students has done assignment or not ?

Gallery / Media

  • Create new Gallery category
  • Upload photos
  • View/Delete photo facility


  • Communiacation Management through App / SMS / Email
  • Inbuilt messaging system for Application / SMS / Email
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system
  • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
  • Prior information can be informed about school timetable, exams, events, news and holidays announcement.


  1. Attendance Register, On the based of Standard – Division
  2. Marks Register, On the based of Standard – Division – Subject :
  3. Homework Register, On the based of Standard – Division – Subject :
  4. Assignment Register, On the based of Standard – Division – Subject :
  5. Fees Register, On the based of Standard – Division :
  6. What have been taught – Register, On the based of Standard – Division – Subject :
  7. Pending Topics List – Register, On the based of Standard – Division – Subject :
  8. Teacher’s Individual Report :
    1. Total Number of Lectures Taken in All Standards :
    2. Lectures taken – Standard wise:
    3. Lectures taken – Standard & Division wise:
    4. Lectures taken – Standard & Subject wise:
    5. Lectures taken – Standard, Batch & Subject wise:
  9. Individual Student’s Progress Report.

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Call for Registration: +91 9925033297